We recognize the pain that our clients feel, their desire to avoid conflict. We understand the impact that the stress of a divorce has on every aspect of your life and on your family. That is why we make every effort to give you the respect and compassion that your circumstances demand. Divorce and other family law matters require very difficult decisions to be made about your children, your finances, your property – your future. Family legal matters like Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, and Alimony, should be treated like the life-altering events that they are, and must be handled with RESPECT, HONESTY, COMPASSION, and WISDOM.


Our combined 29 years of experience, and our training in Dispute Resolution techniques like Collaborative Divorce, will help you to create and negotiate the best choices with your spouse, or to present your best case if a Judge must decide.


We believe that when your attorney acts with the highest degree of professionalism and ethics, we make it more likely that your spouse and their attorney will act the same way, and that a Judge will more clearly hear your voice. We choose to participate in organizations such as the Brevard County Bar Association, the Florida Bar Association, and the Vassar B. Carleton Inn of Court, that promote the highest professional standards and are committed to the continued improvement of its members’ expertise and service.


No one should have to spend their children’s college fund or their life savings on a divorce. We accept MODEST RETAINERS (down payments) and PAYMENT PLANS based on the complexity and difficulty of your case. We always look for the most cost-effective way to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes going to court is necessary, but it is also usually the most expensive way to resolve a legal issue. Our experience and training in NEGOTIATION and COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE can help to resolve your case early, and often far less expensively than having a trial.


Life is too short to spend your valuable time fighting in the legal system. Our experience tells us that you can wait more than two years in Brevard County to have a trial to resolve your case. We know the financial and emotional cost for families and children of spending two or more years in conflict, and we think that this is far too long to spend caught up in the legal system. We know that focused time and effort at the beginning of your case can help resolve it quickly, before things get out of hand. Our experience also tells us that early interventions such as Settlement Conferences and Collaborative Divorce can give you the opportunity to resolve your case in weeks or months, rather than years.


With our friendly staff, and our 24-hour answering service, we won’t miss your call, and we will return it as quickly as possible. Or if you would prefer, e-mail us with your questions or concerns. We won’t give you the run around. Talk directly to your attorney, not just with our amazing paralegals. We will keep you up to date on your case by sending you a copy of every letter and document we receive or send in your matter.


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